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Urban Studies

Embrace the complexity of urban life in a different city each year. 

                      London (2015)New YorkNew OrleansParisChicagoLondon (2020)

Take a deep dive into a metropolitan city using works of modern literature, history, politics, geography, and culture as touchstones for your exploration. Visit that city to experience it first-hand, exploring topics of personal interest, including music, theater, art, architecture, food, sports, fashion, and local politics. Tackle related, complex issues of homelessness, poverty, racism, gentrification, and youth empowerment through 1:1 interviews, research, and neighborhood exploration. This upper school program provides a collaborative space where various disciplines merge streams of valuable information to tackle historic and contemporary issues and create a more detailed portrait of the human condition. Through individual and whole-class projects, transform the way you experience and understand cities.

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